Species richness


Panta rhei-everything flows.

Everything is possible, nothing has to be and remain as it is. The prospects for change have no limits. The complete work is the result of the sum of the components. This is the dogma of xanderbig art.

So in the xanderbig exhibits sometimes infix hundreds or thousands of individual elements to a new complex structure together. Often diffident, or even grudgingly, often flirting, but ultimately, in terms of the overall conglomerate harmonious cooperating.

The result is, however, not to be seen in isolation as a mere sum of the assembled items, but as a new organism with a distinct identity. As an organized nature, in which, as Immanuel Kant says "each part is by all the others and for the whole as a projecting organ, which is determined by the unity of the whole. "

Contrary to the theories of Democritus, the interpretation of xanderbig is near to the Aristotelian view of teleology, as causa effiziens, the material cause, the causa formalis and as a final cause. Is the final cause the reason for the action and the result.

Xanderbig observes and analyzes landscapes, people, objects, materials, themes and contents, gives them a completely different identity, combining them together and transforms them into a new environment.

So the seven divine virtues can stand up against the four theological deadly sins; will be cool, pale river stones transformed into warm, richly colored objects; merges the market saleswoman decoratively harmonic with her environment; change pistols into peaceful luminous objects.

A detailed, colorful microcosm. A message like a detergent Advertising: Bright, saturated colors, instead of dreary dull gray haze.

The stressed-out and focused on his daily tasks viewer experiences a strange, sometimes bizarre, but always kind-hearted world, maybe even bring a smile to the face and releases some endorphins. There is no room for uniformity and restriction, no place for skepticism and aloofness, but forum and space for imagination, sovereign autonomy and mature self-determination.

An appeal for tolerance towards foreign and otherness.