Ixanderbig artwork conception


Imagine, this would be your personal home ambiance.

And your selected, totally original designed  painting.

Create with me your very own image, corresponding to an own motif, 

in your colour mood and your favourite size .

Created from me, with you, for you. 

Unique like yourself.


Or choose one artgraphic from my exclusive and varide xanderbig artcollection.


See the acclaim and respect of your business partners and friends,

for your exquisite feeling for aesthetics and your self-confident taste.


A xanderbig graphic is always an extravagant and individuell idea for a present and an

unforgetable document for a significant event within your personal life chronicle-

may be a business success, an anniversary, a marriage, a birth or a birthday.


xanderbig  artwork  by Alexander Biggen.

Your premium design for your private sphere. Or your businnes area.

Für your office, reception, foyer, chambers, doctors office, guest room.  

The highlight for your shop arrangement, store window, far performance.